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Building the new Milktop - a super friendly site focussed on our love of modern web technologies


June 2015


HTML, Stylus, Coffeescript, Twig, PHP


Craft CMS


Digital Ocean

Launching in June 2015, for the latest version of the Milktop website, we wanted to create something that focussed on our love of friendly, approachable, modern web design.

We chose simple yet bold colours and a repeating headline style at the top of most pages to create a recurring pattern. We wanted to emphasise our open, approachable nature and youthful feel that we feel is at the heart of who Milktop are and what we do.

Despite our love of the Processwire framework, the latest version of our site is built on the equally-superb Craft CMS, an extremely modern, flexible system. You can read more about Craft here.

We made extensive use of some superb technologies. Among them:

If you have any questions about this site and the technology behind it or would simply like to get in touch to tell us you love it (or hate it!), please do!